Copra Oil Production line

Copra oil production line, our company adopts physical pressing. The dried copra is crushed, softened/conditioned, twice pressed and filtered; After that, the crude oil is obtained; then the Crude copra oil can be further refined if need produce higher quality oil.

Copra oil production plant
Copra oil process

Copra oil production process

Pretreatment and twice pressing section is very important process for copra oil production. It will directly influence oil yield and oil quality.

(1) Crushing: making copra/dry coconut to suitable small pieces.

(2) Softening: The purpose of softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature of copra, and make it in best condition before into pressing process.

(3) Pre-Pressing: press the most of oil out with prepresser, the residue oil in prepressed cake of 16%-18% . Then the cake will go to twice presser process.

(4) Twice pressing: press the residue oil out.


Through two squeezes, Press the cake till the oil residue is about 5%.


According to customer needs, we can supply continuous refining and semi-continuous refining equipment include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, bleaching and deodorization, in order to remove the FFA and improve the quality of oil, extending the time of storage.


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