100-1600TPD Soybean Low Temperature Meal Complete Engineering Solution

Raw material: Soybean

Product: Soya White Flake (Low Temperature Soybean Meal)

Application: Soya White Flake is widely used as raw material for the production of SPC (Soybean Protein Concentrate), SPI (Soy Protein Isolate), Textured Soy Protein and Defatted Soybean Meal.

Technology: Low Temperature Soya Meal adopts solvent extraction method. After soybeans are processed in cleaning, grading, peeling, low-temperature treatment, defatted, and low-temperature desolventizing, they are processed at a lower temperature, within a shorter period of time, and under certain vacuum conditions, remove the solvent in the meal and reach the specified index.

Technology Characteristics: After low temperature desolvation treatment, the degree of protein denaturation can be minimized and the quality of protein can be improved (protein content> 50%, fat content < 0.5%).


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