Sesame Oil Processing Plant

The complete seseme oil product line include the following steps: cleaning, cooking, oil pressing, filtering etc. We can do fragant seseame oil. Also has special intensified pretreatment technology for aroma sesame oil to make it more aroma.

sesame oil production line1

Sesame Oil Extraction Plant Process:

Cleaning → Cooking → Pressing → Filtration → Sesame oil

Cleaning section

include vibrate cleaning sieve, magnetic separator, destoner to remove small, big, light impurities, stone, and metal impurity etc, to make the sesame clean. Also linked together with dust control system to keep the warehouse clean.

Cooking section

The steam cooker can improve the temperature and decrease moisture of the sesame, which make the sesame into the best condition to get oil, the cooker will break the cell wall, it can make the oil come together, the oil is easily to extract out.
Also can use roaster, to make sesame with strong smell, and get aroma oil.

Pressing section

The special screw oil expeller is used here to extract oil out of sesame, the structure of oil expeller has been designed to make the oil residue less.

Filtration section

The filter is used here to remove the cake fine, and other impurities from the sesame, the filtered oil is very clearly, can be sold directly.


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