corn germ oil extraction machine

Pre-treatment and Pre-press technology

Corn germ→Cleaning→Stone separator →Flaker →Oil press machine

Pre-treatment, Cleaning corn germ and stone removal . For pre-press, With continuous screw press machine.

The stucture of the cake is loose and easy to make the solvent permeate, to prepare for the next step of solvent extraction.

corn germ oil factory
corn germ oil solvent extraction

According to the characteristics of corn germ, we use Solvent extraction technological, with solvent extractor, better immersion effect can be expected for ordinary oil plants, impove oil yield.

corn germ oil plant


According to customer needs, we can supply continuous refining and semi-continuous refining equipment include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, bleaching and deodorization.

corn germ oil plant
corn germ oil machine
corn germ oil equipment


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