5000 tons/year~120000 tons/year Soybean Protein Concentrate Turn-key Production Line

Raw material:  Low temperature Soybean Meal (Soybean White Flake)

Product: Food Grade (or Feed Grade) Soy Protein Concentrate


Food grade: Food additives (flour food, meat products), raw materials for health care products (more than 70% protein content)

Feed grade: Feed additives (feed for suckling pigs, aquatic livestock, calves, pets)

Application: Using Defatted Soybean Meal ( Low temperature Soybean Meal) as raw material, using edible ethanol to extract and separate soybean sugar and other anti-nutrients in the defatted meal, and then extruding, desolventizing, drying, ultrafine grinding, and finally obtaining Soybean Protein Concentrate (SPC) products.

Soybean Protein Concentrate(SPC) Production Line


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