Pre-treatment and Pre-pressing Technology

Different vegetable oils have different technological requirements in the oil making process. Therefore, the oil should be treated with a series of treatments before oil extraction, so that the oil can achieve the best oil extraction quality and meet the requirements of different oil extraction processes.

Pretreatment includes Seed Cleaning & Weighing, Cracking & Dehulling, Flaking, Cooking, Pre-Pressing, Oil Residue Separation.

1. Cleaning

Using magnetic separator, weighing scale and screener to remove impurities of the seeds.

2. Cracking & Dehulling

Crushing the oilseeds to ensure good softening and flaking effect.


The roller flaker has uniform crushing and flake the broken seeds into thin flakes for the oil mechanical pressing.

4. Cooking

Using heating and cooking to adjust temperature and moisture of the seeds,improving oil yield.

5. Pre-Pressing

Pressing the high-oil material to get oil and cake.then treated by solvent extraction.

The purpose of edible oil pretreatment:

1. Reduce oil loss and increase oil yield.

2. Improve the purity and quality of the by-products of the oil cake machine.

3. Reduce the wear and tear on the equipment and prolong the service life.

4. Avoid production accidents and improve the reasonable processing capacity of equipment; reduce dust and improve the workshop environment to ensure stable production.


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