Raw material: Defatted Soybean Meal/Soybean Protein Isolated  (protein content > 50%, fat content < 1.5%, fiber content < 3.5%, moisture < 10%, nitrogen solubility coefficient (NSI) around 60%)

Product: Textured Soybean Protein

Application: Food additives (advanced imitation meat products, instant food, snack foods, health care products, etc.)

Technology: Add a certain amount of water and additives to raw materials such as low-temperature defatted soybean meal, high-temperature defatted soybean meal, cold-pressed soybean meal, concentrated protein, and isolated protein, and mix them evenly. Forming, changing the arrangement of protein molecules, producing tissue structures in the same direction, and coagulating at the same time to form fibrous protein, that is, Textured Soybean Protein.


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