Oil Solvent Extraction Machinery

Oil extractor is the most important machine of cooking oil solvent extraction plant,and its quality is directly related to various economic and technical indicators of extraction production. Therefore, a reasonable selection of the extractor is of great significance for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and improving economic benefits.

Main extractors in market

Oil Solvent Extraction


Rotary Extractor(Capacity 20-500 TPD)

The Rotary Extractor is the most commonly used cooking oil extractor. Its main characteristics are high material layer, high mixed oil concentration, simple structure, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Oil Solvent Extraction machine


Chain Extractor (Capacity 200-2000TPD)

The chain extractor is used for various oil extraction. Its structural feature is that the annular structure separated from the upper and lower layers is merged into a unified box-type structure. Under the action of the turning mechanism, the material can be turned completely, so the permeability is very good.

Rotary Extractor


Loop type extractor(Capacity≥500 TPD)

  1. Low maintenance cost
  2. Easy to operate with low power consumption
  3. High oil out rate, low solvent consumption


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