Oil press machine

Material: sunflower seed, peanut, rapeseed, copra, sesame, soybean and so on.

Main process include: Seed Cleaning & Weighing, Crushing, Flaking, Cooking, Pressing, Filtering.

1. Cleaning

Using magnetic separator, weighing scale, and screener to remove impurities of the seeds.

2. Cracking

Crushing the oilseeds to ensure a good softening and flaking effect.

3. Flaking

The roller flaker can crush and flake uniformly the broken seeds into thin flakes for the oil mechanical pressing.

4. Cooking

Using heating and cooking to adjust temperature and moisture of the seeds, improving oil yield.

5. Pressing

Pressing the high-oil material to get oil and cake, then treated by solvent extraction.

6. Filtering

Separating oil residue by oil drag conveyor firstly, crude oil then enters to settling tank for further separation. Crude oil from settling tank is pumped to a horizontal screw centrifuge or leaf filter for further removing impurities.

oil press machine


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