The edible oil contains a small amount of wax, which can increase the cloud point, reduce the transparency and digestion and absorption rate of the oil, and make the taste worse, thereby reducing the edible quality, nutritional value and industrial use value of the oil.

Removing or extracting wax from edible oil can achieve improve the quality of edible fats and comprehensively utilizing vegetable fat wax sources.

Sunflower seed oil, cottonseed oil rice bran oil,rapeseed oil and grape seed oil which contain high wax often need winterization and dewaxing equipment.

Winterization system is mainly used to separate wax from oil by low temperature crystallization. The process of cooling the fat to make the waxy crystals with a higher freezing point in the fat.

Dewaxing methods: conventional method, solvent method, surfactant method, combined degumming, deacidification method, etc.


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